PD15 Calculator for ARIDOL® (mannitol powder for inhalation) Bronchial Challenge Test Kit


Please see full prescribing information (which can be found on this website) before prescribing this test.

Aridol is indicated for identifying bronchial hyperresponsiveness to assist in the diagnosis of Asthma [TGA approved Aridol Product Information]

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The ARIDOL inhalation test should be conducted only under the supervision of a physician or other appropriate trained personnel thoroughly familiar with all aspects of bronchial provocation tests and management of acute bronchospasm.

General precautions when conducting spirometry and bronchial provocation testing should be observed if FEV1<1.5 litres or <70% of the predicted values.

Enter the "best of two" FEV1 values for each Aridol dose in the fields below and press the return or enter key. Refreshing your browser window will clear the form.

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5 5
10 15
20 35
40 75
80 155
160 315
160 475
160 635

Change in FEV1


A positive result is defined as a ≥ 15% fall in FEV1 from the FEV1 at 0 mg dose or ≥ 10% fall in FEV1 between consecutive doses.

The PD15 — provocative dose to cause a 15% fall in FEV1 — will be calculated and displayed if a ≥ 15% fall in FEV1 occurs.

The RDR — Response / Dose ratio — will be calculated if a positive result occurs.

Dose prior to ≥ 15% fall in FEV1 (mg):

Total dose at positive result (mg):

PD15 dose (mg):

Fall in FEV1 prior to ≥ 15% fall (%):

Actual fall at positive result (%):

Response / Dose ratio:

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